Ambassador Rewards Program

Help us spread the news about the fantastic career opportunities in Medical Transcription by becoming a LearnMT Ambassador today.

This program gives you the opportunity to be rewarded for referring others to LearnMT’s expert-designed and industry-endorsed Certificate of Medical Transcription.

A career in Medical Transcription is a great choice for those looking for a flexible and rewarding work-from-home career. There is a current shortage of qualified medical transcriptionists as the Healthcare industry continues to rise with a growing and ageing population.

Simply sign up to become a LearnMT Ambassador and you will receive a link to your own unique referrer webpage. When you share this link with your friends and family, you will receive $100 AUD cash paid into your PayPal account for each student that enrols from your referral.

Your unique Ambassador ID is how we track the referral back to you when one of your friends enrol. It is important that you share this link, so that we know who to send the reward to. Sharing your LearnMT referral link is fast and easy. Simply follow the 3 quick steps below to get started.

  • Become a LearnMT Ambassador
  • Share Your Referral Link
  • Gain Rewards for Each Referred Student

For more information, please check out our FAQs and Ambassador Blog. Alternatively, please email

The LearnMT Ambassador Rewards Program offers you the opportunity to quickly and easily gain exciting rewards for telling others about LearnMT.

$100 AUD cash is rewarded into your PayPal account for each of your referred students who enrol in the Certificate of Medical Transcription.

Sharing your LearnMT referral link is fast and easy. Simply follow the 3 quick steps below to get started.

  • Become a LearnMT Ambassador
  • Share Your Referral Link
  • Gain Rewards for Each Referred Student
The best way to ensure you get credit for your referrals is to share your unique referrer webpage. That way, when your friends visit our website and request information, they’ll be marked with your Ambassador ID in our system, and when they enrol, you’ll receive a reward for them.

Simply sign up to become a LearnMT Ambassador. Once you’re an Ambassador, share your unique referral webpage on your favourite social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For each student that enrols as a result of your referral, you’ll receive $100 AUD cash paid into your nominated PayPal account. You can transfer your earnings to a preferred bank account at any time.
When you sign up to become a LearnMT Ambassador, you’ll receive login details to your very own Ambassador Dashboard where you can view tracking activity, referral reports and access LearnMT’s marketing resources to help spread the news about LearnMT.
Simply share your unique Ambassador referral link with your friends and family to ensure we can track the enrolment back to you. This link is where you should send any friends and family who may be interested in LearnMT (notice that it has your Ambassador ID on it).

This webpage is embedded with your ambassador information. When someone fills out the form requesting more information, you’ll automatically be listed in our system as their referrer. Whenever someone enrols in full after requesting information from your ambassador webpage, you’ll receive a referral reward. Your contacts can also email to receive more information or enrol, but they’ll need to mention your name and Ambassador ID to track the enrolment back to you.

You will receive $100 AUD into your PayPal account, for each Referred Student that enrols in full into a qualifying LearnMT course.

Cash rewards are paid into your nominated PayPal account around the 20th of the month, following the enrolment. For example, if your friend enrolled in August, you would receive your cash reward near the end of September. If you have any issues receiving your rewards, please email

The Ambassador Rewards Program only applies to Referred Students who enrol in a LearnMT Certificate course. Qualifying courses include:

The LearnMT Ambassador Rewards Program is designed to help you get the most out of referring your friends. We’ve developed a number of resources to help you improve your efforts and receive more rewards.

  • Ambassador Dashboard  – Everything you need to help spread the news about LearnMT is available on your own Ambassador Dashboard. Here you can generate referral URLs, view tracking activity and access LearnMT’s marketing resources to help you get the most out of being an Ambassador. Login to your Ambassador Dashboard at
  • Ambassador Blog – The Ambassador Blog includes everything you need, to stay up-to-date on the Ambassador Rewards Program. This blog provides details on available resources, best practices, special announcements, current promotions (for both you and your referrals), and much more.
As an Ambassador, you are not authorised to offer any incentives other than the promotions we run as a training organisation. Your referrals need to be people who have decided to genuinely enrol without any additional incentives from you, and who fully intend to complete the entire course.
Yes, the Ambassador Rewards Program offers a cash reward in the form of $100 AUD, into your PayPal account. This is paid into the PayPal account we have on file around the 20th of the month following the enrolment.
There is no limit on the amount of referred students you can generate. For each referred student that enrols in a qualifying LearnMT course, you will receive $100 AUD. 
You can request a new password via the Ambassador Dashboard login page, available at:

Alternatively, please email and we would be happy to reset your password.

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Ambassador Rewards Program

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