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Benefits of an Online Education

Online education is a new experience for many of our students. Although this way of learning is foreign to some, new technology allows you to engage with online learning like never before. So, why do students choose to complete their training online? Not only are most online platforms easy to navigate, online learning allows [...]

Why Should You Return to Studying?

Returning to study can be daunting especially when you have been working for a long time. You’re probably asking yourself whether enrolling in a certificate is the right thing for you right now. Below we’ve explained why returning to study isn’t as scary as you think it might be! There are jobs to be filled. [...]

What do Employers look for in a Medical Transcriptionist?

You may be unsure about starting a new career particularly if you are not familiar with the field in which you're pursuing. Currently in Australia, there is a high demand for well-trained professionals in medical transcription. The main purpose of a medical transcriptionist is to transcribe the reports dictated by Healthcare practitioners into written documents. We often get [...]