Day care is a great option for parents working full-time, however, it comes at an expensive cost. While it provides parents with the opportunity to return to work, it can also take a toll on your finances.

You may find yourself paying for:

  • Gas or public transportation to and from day care
  • Fees if you’re late to pick up your child
  • Excursion fees
  • Some day care services still require you to pay on public holidays

A recent study suggests that parents are spending around $40,000 for the first two years of a child’s life, and day care is a big expense of this!

To help you find a way to save on day care, we have our top 5 tips below!

How can I start a career working from home?

The option of working from home provides you with the flexibility of looking after your kids, while still earning an income. Therefore, minimising your day care costs. Creating a schedule and allocating time for your family, helps with your work time being more productive when working from home.

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