You may be unsure about starting a new career particularly if you are not familiar with the field in which you’re pursuing. Currently in Australia, there is a high demand for well-trained professionals in medical transcription. The main purpose of a medical transcriptionist is to transcribe the reports dictated by Healthcare practitioners into written documents.

We often get asked what companies are looking for in a medical transcriptionist. Below we have complied a list of the most frequently listed skills our Recruitment Partners request in a successful medical transcriptionist.

1. Self-Discipline

Certainly self-discipline is important for any job that allows you to work from home. If you are focussed and motivated you can be more productive and work more effectively. Our online training will help you develop and polish these skills before you begin your career.

2. Organisational Skills

As medical transcriptionists often work from home, good organisational skills such as time management skills are very important. Medical transcription often has flexible hours so you alone are responsible for completing the work on time. As online medical transcriptionists are usually paid on production, the more organised and efficient you are, the more money you can earn.

3. Knowledge of Medical Terminology

Medical transcription requires a sound knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and grammar. Don’t worry if you don’t have a background in medicine. Our Certificate of Medical Transcription provides high quality training in these terms through our expert-created curriculum.

4. Typing skills and knowledge of proper grammar and syntax

The job of the medical transcriptionist is to produce written documents, therefore if you have an excellent knowledge and understanding of proper grammar and syntax you’re off to a good start. Because of the permanence of the medical records transcribed by medical transcriptionists, accuracy and clarity are very important. If grammar isn’t your strong point, that’s where our quality education and training come into play.  Throughout your studies you’ll become a wiz at both typing and grammar by the time you’re finished.

5. Motivation and dedication to the job

Motivation is very important for medical transcriptionists. As you are generally paid on a production basis, your income is dependent on your productivity. Staying motivated is easy if you know how. Plan out your day, take breaks when needed and most importantly take pride and enjoy your work!

What should be your first steps?

The first step to becoming a successful medical transcriptionist is getting the right training and certification. LearnMT offers a high quality yet affordable training solution. We aim to get you work-ready with everything you need to succeed as a medical transcriptionist.

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