With more parents returning to work, jobs during school hours are becoming increasingly popular.

While the mornings and afternoons are often busy with school pick-up and drop-off (along with countless sports commitments and play dates), during school hours can be a great time to get things done.

Therefore, with such a tight schedule, returning to work can seem like quite a challenge. However, there are plenty of jobs during school hours that do offer flexible work schedules for people just like you.

Therefore, to help you find the best roles to suit your busy lifestyle, check out my Guide to the Best Jobs during School Hours. 

Introduction to the Best Jobs during School Hours

Did you know that a massive 75% of mums go back to work when their children are aged between 6-14 years? For many families, this means that they can be around for the early years of the child growing up.

Once your child does start school (or even childcare), it’s likely you will also find the time to go back to work. However, it is important to find a job that does provide flexibility. In fact, ideally, you need jobs during school hours.

Working mums

When you have jobs during school hours, you can enjoy extra time with your kids. Unlike other parents, you may also be able to:

  • Help with homework

  • Prepare lunches

  • Attend school concerts and sporting events

  • Attend appointments

  • Be there for school drop-off and pick-up

  • Look after your kids when they’re sick

The 12 Best Jobs during School Hours

Getting started with the Best Jobs during School Hours

Medical Transcription is an amazing option when considering the best opportunities for work from home mums. This is because you can:

Preparing for the Best Jobs during School Hours

Finally, as most Medical Transcriptionists work online from home, most employers require you to have;

  • Specific industry training in Medical Transcription.

Therefore, Medical Transcriptionists require training before they are able to commence working online. Furthermore, LearnMT’s Certificate of Medical Transcription teaches you the relevant skills and knowledge needed to work as a Medical Transcriptionist.

How you can start your own Job during School Hours

To help you find the jobs during school hours, I have reviewed hundreds of different roles.

When it comes to finding the ideal career, Medical Transcription is a unique option, as you are able to work from home and choose your own hours. Therefore, making it easy to fit around school hours.

As such, to help you pursue a rewarding work-from-home career, LearnMT’s Certificate of Medical Transcription can help prepare you with skills and knowledge often required by professional Medical Transcriptionists.

This comprehensive course is also completed online, and designed to be completed in just 3 months. In addition, you can access support from your dedicated Job Placement Assistance, to help you find a position in the growing healthcare field.

If you’re ready to kick-start your own career, and prioritise your family, simply request a course information pack below to learn more!

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