Jobs for stay at home mums are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, a number of mums are now working while raising their family.

Understandably, working from home allows you to receive an income while still prioritising your family, where you are able to achieve an excellent work/life balance.

There are a number of occupations that are are designed specifically to be done from home. But it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. Therefore, finding the best at-home jobs is no easy feat.

Check out my Detailed Guide to The Top 9 Jobs for Stay at Home Mums.

Introduction to 9 Jobs For Stay At Home Mums

Did you know that 75% of Mums go back to work when their children are between the ages of 6-14 years?

Understandably, more parents are able to return to work once their children attend school.

Unfortunately this means that you miss out on a lot of time with your family. Therefore, more mothers are looking for jobs from home, so they are able to make the most of their family time.

Working mums

Source: Stats NZ

The 9 Best Jobs For Stay At Home Mums

Getting started with the Best Jobs For Stay At Home Mums

There are very few roles like Medical Transcription. Therefore, Medical Transcription is now one of the best jobs to do from home. In fact, this primarily online occupation is focused around providing a real work from home career.

What you need to do the Best Jobs For Stay At Home Mums

Furthermore, as most Medical Transcriptionists work unsupervised from home, many employers require you to have;

Medical Transcriptionists require training before they are able to begin working from home. To help you get started, LearnMT’s Certificate of Medical Transcription teaches you the relevant skills and knowledge needed to work as a trained Medical Transcriptionist.

How you can start your own Job for Stay at Home Mums

LearnMT’s Certificate of Medical Transcription provides you with the required education to succeed as a trained Medical Transcriptionists.

In fact, many leading Medical Transcription Service Providers turn to LearnMT’s professional training when looking for Medical Transcriptionists. Therefore, regardless of where you’re located, this incredible career path offers the flexibility that many jobs to do from home lack.

As such, LearnMT’s Certificate of Medical Transcription can help prepare you with skills and knowledge often required by professional Medical Transcriptionists.

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