When it comes to medical transcription courses in New Zealand, it’s important that you find a reputable training provider, but also one that can help you launch a new at-home career!

To help you find the best medical transcription course, we’ve gone straight to the source, to get invaluable feedback from leading recruiters.

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Introduction to medical transcription courses in New Zealand

When considering medical transcription courses in New Zealand, the shortest or cheapest options are not always the best. In fact, some courses may not lead to any job prospects at all.

Therefore, you need a medical transcription course that will not only teach you the skills and knowledge you need to be a trained medical transcriptionist, but also assist you in finding a career.

As a primarily online career, this role allows you to work unsupervised from home. As such, most recruiters will require you to have specific medical transcription training.

Industry Endorsed medical transcription courses in New Zealand

When preparing for a career as a medical transcriptionist, it is important to make sure the course has been industry endorsed. That way, you will learn the necessary skills to become a trained medical transcriptionist.

Some medical transcription courses are designed to prepare you to work for just one company. In turn, the company will prioritise graduates from their own course. However, it is worth being careful of this, as it will generally be only recognised by that one company and not its competitors (such as other medical transcription providers).

At LearnMT, the Certificate of Medical Transcription course is endorsed by industry representatives that recruit graduates located all over the world.

Entry requirements for medical transcription courses in New Zealand

Did you know there are Medical Transcription courses that recommend only students with prior knowledge of medical terminology AND touch-typing enrol in the course?

While you may already have a sound knowledge of medical terminology, and be a proficient typist, the best courses cover these areas regardless. Many people with a healthcare background (such as doctors and nurses) do choose to become medical transcriptionists. However, it is best to have relevant coursework available to you all in one place. As such, if you are looking to complete a medical transcription course, it should be comprehensive.

Flexible medical transcription courses

When looking for an online course, flexibility is important. Therefore, make sure the training offers flexible hours so you can fit your lifestyle around your studies. In addition, this will make sure your study time is more productive.

Your course should also be fun and interactive. That’s why you can access your Certificate of Medical Transcription course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As it is delivered online with self-paced study, you can choose your own hours both for your course, and your dream job!

English language used in medical transcription courses in New Zealand

When it comes to looking for medical transcription courses in New Zealand, it’s important to find one with British/New Zealand English spellings and terminology. Some providers may appear to be British English, however, the course materials may be in American English. Furthermore, the transcription reports may be American with American drug names and references. This is not suitable for healthcare documentation in New Zealand. This is a question that you should ask when first considering a course, as it can affect your ability to find work, or even complete your training.

Affordable medical transcription courses in New Zealand

Understandably, when changing careers, you want to make sure you can find work. Therefore, it’s important to think about the cost, as well as the outcome. As such, there’s a number of courses that do not provide job placement assistance, or that only teach terminology.

Therefore, when evaluating the course cost, also consider the return on investment. Are you likely to find a job?

Even though LearnMT’s program ranks among the very best in medical transcription training, we’re also among the most affordable. Compared with traditional pathways, online study with LearnMT offers you the best value whilst delivering the highest quality in education and learning. With most medical transcription programs priced between $3,000 – $5,500 plus additional costs for textbooks and resources.

Average Cost of Tuition

Student support and instructors

When it comes to finding a medical transcription course in New Zealand, often the training is done online. Understandably, this is the best way to prepare you for a career as a medical transcriptionist. However, at LearnMT, we know that it’s important to feel supported when you’re learning. LearnMT offers telephone, live chat and email support every step of the way.

Practical Training

If you would like to become a trained medical transcriptionist, you will need a course that provides you practical training. In fact, most medical transcriptionists work online from home. Therefore, you need to be work-ready upon course completion.

Make sure your medical transcription course provides you with access to medical transcription reports from a range of different specialties.

The Certificate of Medical Transcription includes access to hundreds of reports from a range of specialties and difficulties. In addition, these reports are recent, real-life examples from practising physicians. Therefore, you know that your training will help prepare you for a career as a medical transcriptionist.

Exclusive Job Placement Assistance

Undoubtedly, investing in your career is about finding a job. Therefore, you want to be confident that you will find work at the end of your course.

At LearnMT, this is something we’re very proud of. Our Job Placement Assistance team have developed strong industry ties to assist work-ready graduates with the skills and knowledge to work independently from home. In fact, LearnMT’s Job Placement Assistance Team work with the largest network of Recruitment Partners in New Zealand.

Experts guide to finding a medical transcription course in New Zealand

Does your course include? LearnMT
Industry-endorsed training  Yes
Affordable tuition fees and payment options  Yes
Job Placement Assistance  Yes
Phone, email and built in live chat support  Yes
Comprehensive 6 month program  Yes
Theory and real-world practical transcription training  Yes
British/New Zealand English spelling (including pharmacology)  Yes
Interactive, state-of-the-art training portal  Yes
Compatible with Windows, Mac and Chrome OS devices  Yes
Get started at anytime  Yes

Starting your course

I’ve looked at a number of medical transcriptionist courses delivered in New Zealand. Unlike other providers, LearnMT’s Certificate of Medical Transcription provides industry-endorsed training at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

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