Returning to work from maternity leave can be a challenging time.

On one hand, you may look forward to dressing up and leaving your home for what feels like the first time in months.

On the other hand, you may feel sad and guilty at the thought of leaving your child for extended periods of time each day.

Either way, returning to work after maternity leave is a challenge that many mums face. However, there are a number of flexible and rewarding career paths that mean you can prioritise raising your newborn, and still return to work.

To help you in your goal of returning to work from maternity leave, I’ve developed this Complete Guide to finding the best, most suitable roles for any mum returning to work from maternity leave.

Introduction – Returning to Work from Maternity Leave

If you’re looking to return to work, chances are you’ve welcomed your newborn and are juggling your career with motherhood.

Many mothers are able to take up to (or in excess of) 12 months of maternity leave. Therefore, by the time you are looking to return to work, it may seem quite daunting. However, often a proportion of maternity leave is taken before your child is born, while the remainder may be taken afterwards.

Furthermore, over the years, the number of women returning to work after maternity leave has increased. In fact, a massive 74% of women returned to work after just 4 months with their newborn.

Returning to work after Maternity Leave (%)

Source: ABS

While you may feel guilty at the thought of returning to work after maternity leave, many mothers continue to go back to work. In addition, there may be a number of different options available to you such as:

  • Working part-time

  • Job sharing with another colleague

  • Sharing responsibilities with your partner or family members

  • Asking for help when you need it

Career options for Mums returning to work from Maternity Leave

Therefore, when it comes to returning to work after maternity leave, you need to find a job that is flexible, and ideally allows you to work your own hours. Each of the jobs I have explored below provides flexibility unlike a traditional 9-5PM role. Better yet, most of them actually allow you to work from home as well. That way, you can prioritise your family and enjoy your time with your newborn.

  • Work from home

  • Be your own boss

  • Save on commuting

  • Customise your office to suit you

  • Choose your own hours

  • Save money on childcare

  • Prioritise your family

  • Work from anywhere in the world

  • Achieve the perfect work/life balance

Choosing your own hours

The demand for professional Medical Transcriptionists is growing. In addition, as part of this role, you are often able to choose the volume of work that suits you. Increases for professional Medical Transcriptionists are due to:

  • Advances in healthcare

  • Growing need for electronic medical records

  • Ageing and growing population

  • Greater rate of diagnosis

  • Improved treatment options

Continuing your career after Maternity Leave

Becoming a Medical Transcriptionist when returning from maternity leave is a great option. This is because you can prioritise your family by working from home and choosing your own hours.

Did you know, you can actually save money by working from home after your maternity leave?

In fact, with rising costs of childcare, maintaining a work-from-home career that also lets you raise your family is the perfect option. By returning to the workforce and placing your newborn in childcare, this could actually cost you more than what you earn!

By the end of the week, most families are actually losing money by returning to work. Therefore, it is often costing you more than you are earning to work. As such, many mothers look for alternatives, such as a work-from-home career, so they can choose their own hours and prioritise their family.

Hourly pay rate for Mums after childcare

Finding work after maternity leave

Working as a Medical Transcriptionist, most employers require you to have:

  • Industry specific Medical Transcription training.

Working from home after Maternity Leave

LearnMT’s Certificate of Medical Transcription is endorsed by industry representatives, and trains you to become a professional Medical Transcriptionist. In addition, with a variety of practical training from real cases, you’ll have current experience from a range of specialities and fields. Also, you’ll receive exclusive access to your own Job Placement Assistance Team. Therefore, you can apply to leading recruiters, and begin a rewarding work-from-home career.

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