About a decade ago, telecommuting was only just a dream. However, these days, telecommuting and flexibility are important arrangements to have in the workplace.

With more and more businesses starting to implement flexible work practices, more Americans are starting to telecommute to work. According to Forbes, approximately 56% of Americans have a job where they can telecommute. California is the top state of telecommuting.

Jobs where you can telecommute vs. Other Jobs

What is telecommuting?

Telecommuting is also known as working from home or working online. It is a work arrangement where the employee can work outside of the workplace. This can involve working from home, working while travelling, or just working from various locations!

Between the employer and the employee, telecommuting may be:

  • a full-time arrangement
  • for certain days of the week, or
  • when requested by the employee.

There are many reasons why an employee telecommutes to work. They may be based in a remote location, where it takes them many hours a day to travel to and from work. They may also need more flexibility in their lifestyle, such as working around their family.

What are the benefits of telecommuting?

How can I start a career that allows me to telecommute?

The option of telecommuting provides you with the flexibility you need, while still earning an income. You will be more productive working away from the workplace, if you allocate time outside of that for either for yourself or your family.

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